iGuard Network Independence

The iGuard system is an "appliance" based system. This means that no additional PC or Server is required to access, manage or use the iGuard system.

Since the iGuard can be accessed by nearly any network device (Tablet, iPad, PC, Mac or Server) with a web browser, the ease of use the iGuard and the security it provides is unparalleled.

Network Appliance

Like many routers, switches, firewalls and other network appliances, the iGuard system includes all of the software pre-loaded onto the iGuard system. No external PC running software that will become outdated is required. Best of all, your iGuard is accessible from any web browser attached to your network. You can even decide what IP's have access to the iGuard system and how each user, manager or administrator can interact with the iGuard system and the data it provides.

Network appliances without a software "expiration date" or the need of constant upgrades provides you peace of mind, flexibility for the future and savings you can bank on.

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