buy-now_2_blue1_s.gifThe iGuard Security System is a field-proven Biometrics, and/or Contactless Smart Card Access Control & Time Attendance Network Appliance utilizing fingerprint verification coupled with smart multi-factor authentication, the iGuard system provides unparalleled security, performance and reliability.

The patented iGuard incorporates an embedded Web Server, which enables all computers, such as Apple Mac OSX, Windows PCs, Linux PCs, Network Appliances, Smart Phones, Tablets or any Servers in the corporate computer network to setup, maintain and access the information using the well-known Internet Browser. The iGuard is designed to be compatible with all modern browsers and can even be managed using the new Apple® iPad or iPhone or Android Tablets & Phones (No APP is required)

iGuard has been continuously used around the world by many customers including fortune 100 corporations, governments. NGO's, medium and small businesses alike since 1999. There have been many changes over the years both internally and externally as new technologies are added or upgraded, but the core of the iGuard system remains stable. This is one of the many selling features of the iGuard system. The system is stable and is not constantly being upgraded/changed/modified or messed with. This was one of the requirements for ASG Global becoming involved with the iGuard platform in 2002. ASG Global ( is one of the oldest and most prolific distributors of the iGuard platform having multiple installations on six continents (sorry Antarctica - not there yet.).

The genius of the iGuard system is its simplicity.


  • A 24/7 time management solution that is easy to use and manage.
  • Simple access and download procedures via any standard web browser on any Internet enabled device (even the new Apple iPad or any smart phone).
  • TCP/IP allows for multiple location coverage and world-wide access.
  • Allows you to keep track of employee attendance and time attendance records, irrespective of geographic location.
  • Gather necessary data remotely at the central office from various remote locations.
  • Can access individual devices from the corporate LAN or the public Internet.

The Patented iGuard System Features:

Multi-Factor Authentication:

With iGuard, users can be authenticated and verified through combinations of Fingerprint, Smart-card or Password. And depending on the different time period, you can set up the iGuard that the users can just simply presents his smartcard to get authorized (such as during high-traffic period), or require the high-security fingerprint verification (such as after office hours or during weekends and holidays).

Access Rights:

When you can easily and conveniently assign different access rights to your employees, you can plan your security better and maximize the effectiveness of your resources . With the built-in Web Server technology, iGuard empowers you to manage the access rights of each individual employees or a group of employees easily - anytime, anywhere using any web-enabled computers or mobile devices.


iGuard includes built-in reports: Access Log, Attendance Report & Daily In/Out report, that can be accessed via any web-enabled computer with web browser. Should more sophisticated reports be required, such as for the payroll purposes, the information can be downloaded and saved in Microsoft Excel format and in plain text format (.csv). In addition, the master iGuard can be configured to connect to an ODBC compliant database real-time with a tool that is available free-of-charge in our iGuard documentation and tools download page.


All the necessary hardware and software is built-in to the device, including the hardware to connect the system to the corporate network. All you need to do is to plug-in a network cable to the back of the device and have a network connection on the cable.

No other hardware and wiring is necessary for all of the iGuards on your network to communicate with each other in Master/Slave mode. Select one iGuard (we suggest one in your HR office) as the master and all other iGuard units in your facility will coordinate and communicate with this Master device.


iGuard is an Internet-Ready Security System, and uses your web browser to manage the entire system. As a result, users do not need to learn to use a new software to access and administer the device, and most users can start using the device in minutes. In contrast, all other similar security systems use proprietary protocol & wiring, and proprietary software is required to access these systems.

And for compatibility purposes with fire alarm systems and other security devices, iGuard also supports conventional interfaces including Wiegand OUTPUT, RS-485 & RS-232.

Now that's security, simplified!