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iGuard SuperMaster

The iGuard SuperMaster extends the capabilities of your iGuard system in multiple ways.

  • The SuperMaster extends the user environment up to 20,000 users for the entire network. This allows you to use multiple iGuards on multiple network subnets and still have a single point of connection for maintenance, management and enrollment of your users, managers and administrators.
  • Unlike other iGuard models, SuperMaster supports a max. of 20,000 employees.There are three versions with different max. no. of employee supported: 5,000, 10,000 & 20.000. SuperMaster can grow along with your business growth!
  • SuperMaster supports unlimited number of iGuard slave units to meet your business needs.
  • Similar to the normal master/slave configuration, the slave unit connects to the SuperMaster by specifying the IP address and the Port number of the SuperMaster, in much the same way as connection to a normal iGuard Master unit.
  • The iGuard SuperMaster resides in your IT/Server Room. In a secure location, the SuperMaster allows you to provide increased security of your iGuard network from hands-on intrusion.
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iGuard SuperMaster System 5,000-20,000 Users
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