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iGuard Smart Card Only

Lucky Technologies iGuard is a very advanced Security and/or Time/Attendance device which is decidedly simple to deploy, install and manage on either a networked environment or as a stand-alone configuration in just about any environment, inside, outside, facility-wide, network-wide, world-wide, secure areas, and even outside in rough environments with a simple NEMA enclosure. Lucky's iGuard has been in continuous use (with multiple generations and upgrades) since its original development and deployment in 1999. With over a 15 year track record, iGuard retains its status as the best selling and most reliable IP appliance for security or time and attendance world-wide.

The iGuard LM530 Series of security devices offers unique and patented (US Patent 6,643,779) TCP/IP embedded web server in a security/time-attendance device. iGuard units have been in continuous use around the world in various forms since 1999. The technologies the Lucky Technologies iGuard use have been updated several times in the 15+ year period, and the product has matured, yet remained easy to install, setup and use.

If you are purchasing a new iGuard system, or expanding an existing iGuard system with smart card access only, these iGuards will fit your needs. If you are upgrading or adding to an older iGuard system (pre 2010), please contact us at 800-519-8800 or sales@iguarddirect.com for upgrade advice to convert your data from the older iGuard (1999-2010) to the new format. iGuardDirect.com is the oldest continuously operating world-wide distributor of the Lucky Technologies iGuard product line.

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