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iGuard LM530-SC Smart Card ONLY Master or Slave

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Part Number:iGuard LM530-SC
  • Number of Concurrent Users:1000 Concurrent Users on iGuard System-wide
  • Master/Slave Configuration:This iGuard may be used as either a Master or Slave on any iGuard Network (2010 or later)
  • Device Use:Secure Access or Time & Attendance
  • Special Features:Smart Card ONLY - No Fingerprint Sensor

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Lucky Technologies iGuard is a very advanced Security and/or Time/Attendance device which is decidedly simple to deploy, install and manage on either a networked environment or as a stand-alone configuration in just about any environment, inside, outside, facility-wide, network-wide, world-wide, secure areas, and even outside in rough environments with a simple NEMA enclosure. Lucky's iGuard has been in continuous use (with multiple generations and upgrades) since its original development and deployment in 1999. With over a 15 year track record, iGuard retains its status as the best selling and most reliable IP appliance for security or time and attendance world-wide.

The iGuard LM530 Series of security devices offers unique and patented (US Patent 6,643,779) TCP/IP embedded web server in a security/time-attendance device. iGuard units have been in continuous use around the world in various forms since 1999. The technologies the Lucky Technologies iGuard use have been updated several times in the 15+ year period, and the product has matured, yet remained easy to install, setup and use.

If you are purchasing a new iGuard system, or expanding an existing iGuard system with an optical sensor, this iGuard will fit your needs. If you are upgrading or adding to an older iGuard system (pre 2010), please contact us at 800-519-8800 or sales@iguarddirect.com for upgrade advice to convert your data from the older iGuard (1999-2010) to the new format. iGuardDirect.com is the oldest continuously operating world-wide distributor of the Lucky Technologies iGuard product line.

Features: iGuard LM530-SC

This unit is a Contactless Smart Card iGuard ONLY and will not have the fingerprint sensor installed.

Software & Operating System Compatibility:

  • Lucky Technologies iGuard is Compatible with Mac, Linux or Windows networking environments or as a stand-alone unit on any LAN/WAN configuration with a simple RJ45 connector or a Wireless Ethernet Bridge to a wireless b/g/n network.
  • iGuard requires no additional software. All the administration and maintenance can be performed via any web browser such as Android Browsers, Safari (IOS or Mac), Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or other IP based browser software.
Networking Capability:

  • iGuard is Compatible with Mac, Linux or Windows networking environments or as a stand-alone unit on any LAN/WAN configuration with a simple RJ45 connector or a Wireless Ethernet Bridge to a wireless b/g/n network.
  • The iGuard LM530-FOSC may be used as a stand-alone device with up to 1000 users
  • The iGuard LM530-FOSC may be used as a networked device in either master or slave mode for up to 1000 users with other iGuard LM530-FOSC units or iGuard LM530-SC units.
  • The iGuard LM530-FOSC may be networked with up to 250 other iGuard units on a single network (or up to 1000+ via routers and WAN/LAN multiple subnets) deployment with a capability of expanding up to 20,000 users with the optional iGuard SuperMaster. All employees' information, including their individual access rights and privileges, will be automatically synchronized to all devices in this configuration via TCP-IP.

Authentication Technologies:

  • The iGuard LM530-SC uses the following technologies to authenticate users:
    • User ID and Password - up to 1,000 users with an LM520-SC network or up to 20,000 users with the optional iGuard SuperMaster.
    • iGuard Smart Card and Password - up to 1,000 users with an LM520-FOSC/SC network or up to 20,000 users with the optional iGuard SuperMaster.
    • Smart Card Only via Quick Access - Quick Access is an access control feature of iGuard which, when activated, allows employees to access the premises without multi-factor authentication. For example, during the Quick Access period, employees can just use smartcards to gain access without fingerprint or pin verification.

Technical Specifications

  • Model - LM530-SC (Master or Slave configuration)
  • Power - 12VDC, 600mA Minimum
  • Connector - 2.5mm x 5.5mm Center Positive
  • Real Time Clock - Lasts for 2 Days without power
  • Display - 16 x 2 LCD with Backlight
  • External Connections - Door Strike, Open-Door Switch, Break-in Alarm, Door Status
  • Dimensions (mm) - 105(W) x 55(D) x 150(H)
  • Certifications - CE and FCC
Operational Features

  • The iGuards built-in 20,000 record database server allows convenient setup and retrieving of employee information & their access log records. All the information can be accessed via web-browser real-time, instead of spreadsheets of day-old or week-old data.
  • Users may be segregated into 256 different departments each with their own access rights and privileges.
  • There are three system passwords accessible via direct input or via web-browser: System Admin Password, User Admin Password & Door Access Passwords.
  • iGuard enables managing the access rights of each individual employee or a group of employees easily anytime, anywhere using computers or mobile devices via internet. For example, you can limit the employees of the marketing department rights to get into the office premises during weekdays from nine to five only, or prevent a particular employee from entering the computer server room..
  • iGuard is designed to be directly connected to the corporate computer network and to the Internet via the standard RJ-45 cabling.
  • Connection of the optional power supply can be achieved through a direct 12v multi-voltage (100-220v @ 50-60Hz) plug-in adapter or a 2.5mmx5.5mm center positive discrete 12v power supply with an included battery backup. We recommend for fire system integration, security system integration and local building code compliance that these power supplies be purchased and installed by a LOCAL 12V CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN. Our power supply of preference for a single iGuard and door strike (12v ~500mA) is the Altronix AL175-ULX which has two discrete outputs at 12V with sufficient headspace for both iGuard and Strike power requirements.
  • Built In Camera
Optional Software and Hardware

  • The built-in Database Server can save up to 20,000 access log records. If you want to save all these records permanently in PC, you can download them each week/month or you can use our iServer.exe (available here) which will automatically get all access log records from the registered Master iGuard unit, and save these records in the PC in ODBC database format in real-time.
  • All SLAVE unit iGuard records automatically roll-up to the MASTER iGuard or SuperMaster unit for download or safe-keeping.
  • IG-ER01.jpgOptional IG-ER01 Remote Door Relay. When used as a security system we recommend using the IG-ER01 to remove the door strike relay from the iGuard and provide strike release from the secure side of the door.
Installation Guidelines

  • Each iGuard has its own network IP address (e.g., You can configure this address and other network settings, such as subnet mask, gateway and DNS via the keypad. Although the iGuard will work with DHCP or Fixed IP we ALWAYS recommend FIXED IP configurations for iGuard units and we further recommend that you remove these IP's from your DHCP server provisioning.
  • Time/Attendance installation configuration guide.
  • When installing multiple iGuards on a single power supply, with or without door strikes, we recommend using discrete power for each iGuard and each door strike with an N4004 diode between each iGuard and Strike power leads to eliminate back EMF per our installation diagram.
  • Installing 2 iGuards for a single door is possible for ingress/egress control. Our installation diagram for multiple iGuards/door is a good guide.
  • iGuard Installation Manual - US English

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